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Our Standard (Quality) Grading

Our principle standard grades are separated into three: Grade A, Grade AB and Grade B. Whereas our Grade A is select and better Quality, Our Grade AB is equivalent to First European Quality (FEQ) and Grade B is Market Quality. Details can be available upon request.

Our standard quality available for flooring are grouped into, GGI Grade “A”, Grade “B” and “Market”. Nevertheless our concept on quality is the agreement between our customers and us. It depends on requirement of our customers and availability at our end. After the agreement on quality between us, we guarantee our quality to be as defined by both.

T & G Flooring Standard Profile

T & G Flooring Optional Profile


Dimensional tolerances:
± 0.3 mm on Thickness
± 0.5 mm on Width and Length
Mixed grains
Solid flooring
Without surface finishing
Grading definitation for Grade “A”
Sapwood No sapwood at all on the surface, but very small portion is acceptable for the back side
Knot No knots at all on the surface; but small young knot not bigger than 10mm in size and not more than two per 300mm on the back side, is acceptable
Crack No crack at all for all surfaces
Color Color variation may not be restricted among pieces, but color variation on single product must not be apparent
Grain No restriction
Black resin Thin and straight , but not dispersing into many different di’rection acceptable
Machine defect Not allowed at all
Geometry Dimensional accuracy on profile and geometry is within the strict tolerance. No compromise

Moisture content: 10 to 14%

LAM Parquet Standard Profile

Dimensional tolerances:
± 0.3 mm on Thickness
± 0.5 mm on Width and Length
Optional profile: none
Feature: the same as T & G Flooring
Grading definition for Grade “A”: the same as Grade “A” for T & G Flooring
Moisture content: the same as T & G Flooring